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Product Review LinkShare

LinkShare Review

 Name: LinkShare/Rakuten


Price:  Free

Owners :Japanese Online Retailer
Over all Rating: 90 out of 100

LinkShare/Rakuten Product Review Overview

LinkShare/Rakuten is a performance based affiliate marketing program that has clients that are known world wide, their clients are charged according to how many clicks or sales are achieved by affiliate marketers that have signed up and are advertising their product through links, banners, images, etc.

Affiliate marketers are publishing products from chosen LinkShare/Rakuten clients through websites that are published not only on Google, Yahoo, and Bing search engines but through sharing on social media sites world wide, in addition to email mail marketing and many more  advertising avenues.

It seems as though both Client and Publisher are able to make a pretty penny through the Japanese Online Retailer, hence my overall rating of 90 out of 100.


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Learn How To Sell Online Free

Want To Sell Your Stuff Online?

From books to music to digital products, there are so many things one can sell online free and so many ways to do it, for example Shopify offers an ecommerce platform where you can setup a store and sell new or used, they offer a free trial for 14 days and then they offer Shopify Plus.

They boast that they are trusted by  over 300,000 businesses, they boast zero IT & maintenance cost, level 1 PCL compliance, and a 99.99 percent uptime scalable enterprise ecommerce platform, plus they say that Shopify Plus is a better solution for securing your store.

Shopify will help you find opportunities for 10 times growth for your business.

Now all of this sounds real good only according to some reviews shopify is not so good at least not when it comes to their exchange, refund and cancelation policies as they get 1 star from one unsatisfied customer, the same in billing practices, but 4 stars in value for the money, 3 in reliability and 4 in price.

One customer review does not paint the whole picture, but wouldn’t you like to create a website and/or become an affiliate marketer where you would be able to skip the customer service reviews?

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Bring Your Website Back from the Dead?

Is Your Website Dead?

Today in the Huffington Post, I saw an article that I thought would be helpful.

They suggest that since websites that are being used to promote businesses have become the norm, and Boring?

Is my website dead? I don’t see how it can be dead as I am working on it almost everyday.

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The 6 No No The Business Won’t Go!

Thursdays Equities News.

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On Thursday Equities News, according to Andrew Deen,  there 6 things to do and/or not to do when trying to start out building your business online, and here they are in a nut shell.

  • Don’t Clutter, too much stuff whether it be too many link, too many pictures or plugin plugin plugin.
  • You need a good design, in today’s technological world there are a lot of platforms that let you design and decent website.
  •  Share and engage on as many social media avenues as possible
  •  It is supposed to help people understand what the are interested in, it’s not supposed to b a bibliography
  • Don’t try to do everything at once
  • Have a plan, don’t go in unprepared

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The latest news from TECHCO 

All about the greatest  7 influencers that we should all be following “especially if we are new”

The fact that online marketing can be complicated and confusing is no surprise to any of us, we have been lead on and ripped off enough to recognize a lot of the ones that are feeding us BS and I’m sure we could all probably use some advise from some experts, or at least some people who have been extremely successful and according to Tech Co there are seven of them that rank at the top of the list.

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Rank to Build an online business

Everyone Wants to Rank

In researching how to rank on the major search engines or SEO (Search Engine Optimization), I have found several things and I am going to share some.

When we decide to try to build a website, and online business, a unique-online-businessbrand or whatever, we want to be able to get these things seen, I mean what is the sense in building a website for a unique online business if no one sees it right?


Wealthy Affiliate will give you 2 free websites through siterubix and teach you how to reach your ultimate SEO.

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Hi folks, I am back and I have an Idea

Hi all, I have an idea, I am trying to figure out how in the world I got ripped-off.

Am I that gullible or is there just so many others out there that are so good an enticing people to give up their hard earned money.

For example, I purchased a program for $7.00 that promised to no-success-ripp-offbring constant traffic to a website or link of my choice and I was very excited because I had affiliate links through another marketing site and my downline was doing nothing.

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Join in the Journey

this picture will takes us further

Hey, Hey Join us in our journey to the real thing, we are going down a path that is for real.

This path will take us to a dream future!

Success is ahead for all how would like to put in a little hard work and we will end the 9-5.

We are going to learn all kinds of things that we have been trying to learn.

I am on this journey to learn how to be successful in a business and Ipath-to-dream-future would like you all to follow me down this path.

I will be sharing all I learn right here and I would love for you to leave your thought below.