Bring Your Website Back from the Dead?

Is Your Website Dead?

Today in the Huffington Post, I saw an article that I thought would be helpful.

They suggest that since websites that are being used to promote businesses have become the norm, and Boring?

Is my website dead? I don’t see how it can be dead as I am working on it almost everyday.

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It is time to wake it up

What can we do to make our website more exciting so that we will be above the norm?

Huffington post says we need to have a quick easy way for our potential customers to reach us and that we will lose our leads if we don’t. A quick easy way to reach us important, but I don’t think that it creates excitement.

Why Google wont put you on their first page

If we don’t have informative, relevant and credible we won’t show up on Google’s first or second page and when customers search they won’t see us, or if we have a bad reputation, if our website is outdated, the potential customer will think we are behind the times and lacking, and WOW the list goes on and on.

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Study your competitors

They say what is working is comparing your site to your competitors sites and determine if your website out does theirs in things like being simple clean and relative, with good content.

  • Is your website easy to navigate?
  • Is your website transparent?
  • Is your website informative?

If not above the quality and appearance of your competitors, an upgrade is in order.

Upgrade suggestions that Rock

Portraying your values will build trust and communicate your commitment to excellence.

Publishing industry significance content will establish you as an expert and attract new leads.

Publishing articles blogs and white pages often will increase your odd of showing up on page one.

These are only a few things that are suggested by the article in the Huffington Post today you can find a lot more at

My point here is to point out that you can learn all of these things and so much more by joining Wealthy Affiliate to perk up your website or build a whole new one. If you want to see how to do just go to my review post here.  

Please let me know what you think, and check back often there is more to come.

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