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Introduction to Success!

We are here because we want to build a successful online business and here is where we can learn how to do just that.

First, we need to identify our potential customers needs, where there is need there must be a solution for that need.

Consumers buy products that solve their needs/problems whether it be an emotional need/problem or a physical need/problem, browsing is less likely to generate a sale than some one who knows what they need and are looking specifically to solve such need/problem.

A Word  Press website is a good place to start and a WP Engine Affiliate program will boost your earning potential.

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We would also need to analyze ourselves in order to identify what we are good at or what we are interested in, and determine what we can honestly promote as a positive thing.

You can even do better with the right software. Get Microsoft Office for all of document and presentation needs, follow the link.
Trying to promote something we don’t believe in or don’t have an interest in will come of as phony and turn potential customers away. Most people can read between the lines so to speak, so being passionate about what we are promoting will drive up sales.a-dream4-success

Here at success-ahead it is easy to learn how to analyze both what your niche will be and who your target audience might be. but remember building an online business does take determination and you must be will to work to implement what we are going to teach you, and these two skills are only the beginning of what we will teach you.


This is the beginning of a very rewarding journey to a dream future.

Now is a time where you cannot just share your work on the social media sites and have an instant thriving on-line business, in fact I am not sure that there ever was a time that this was a way to any kind of success, or at least not what I would consider success.

My idea of success is not necessarily at least, in dollar amounts, there are other aspects as far as I am concerned, now don’t get me wrong I think anyone that is reading this is in it to make money, if we said we are not we are probably trying to fool others our ourselves but some probably want more than others.

How Do You Define Success?

The other aspects of success that might be involved here though, it could be the learning experience, the social aspect and possibly the sense of accomplishment that success in earning a good living for your family, and too, a sense of pride, we are after all human beings and a part of being human is having pride.

My idea of success encompasses all of this, I want it all, here I can show you how to have it all, so if like me you want it all, join me on my journey to success.


Hope you enjoy!

Oh, and please leave your comments and questions below.





5 thoughts on “Build an Online Business”

    1. Hi Elizabeth and thank you for you positive feedback. I am glad you found the information helpful.
      I am very impressed with Wealthy Affiliate and excited because there is so much to learn.
      Thanks again and Best of luck to you.

  1. You are right about why we are here. We are here to start a business and it is really not easy. Oh the work is not hard and it is actually fun but business could be better as far as I’m concerned.
    I learned a lot of cool stuff here and I have made money freelance writing. That’s one cool thing about our training, we can take our business a lot of different ways.
    Thank you,
    Edward Mijarez

    1. Hi Mijareze, You are right in all that you say, I am learning tons and have thought about the freelance things that can be done with the knowledge that we learn here at Wealthy Affiliate. I just don’t think that I have learned enough to do that yet but it is an option for the future.

      Hey, thanks for commenting and best of luck to you in whatever you choose to pursue.


  2. Building an online business does require a website and WordPress is the perfect way to do it.
    People are looking for solutions to problems and it’s up to you to help them.
    The financial aspect of a website does come but it’s after you help others first in solving their problems.
    Time and persistence will get the job done.

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