Hi folks, I am back and I have an Idea

Hi all, I have an idea, I am trying to figure out how in the world I got ripped-off.

Am I that gullible or is there just so many others out there that are so good an enticing people to give up their hard earned money.

For example, I purchased a program for $7.00 that promised to no-success-ripp-offbring constant traffic to a website or link of my choice and I was very excited because I had affiliate links through another marketing site and my downline was doing nothing.

This program promised to bring constant traffic to a website via posting videos and posts on a lot of social media sites so I fell for it, but after I signed up I realized that it had a limit of one URL at this price, so thinking it would generate more people for my downline and hopefully people who would work hard and earn themselves and me some $, I signed up for the $37 package that would let me add 10 URL’s for them to generate traffic to.

Avoiding things like this would have saved me much grief, I should have joined Wealthy Affiliate sooner and avoided such things. I will show you how to avoid this here

After a few days I checked my hit tracking tool and the videos that they had posted for me, I knew that I had been had.

The hit tracking tool showed a lot of hits but now bites… zero and the videos were so poor I figured, No wonder no  as bites Signups, I would not even watch them myself and anyone that was interested in the topic certainly wouldn’t be after a few seconds of watching them.

To make my story a little short, my idea is to see how many people out there, fall for things like this and why would someone want to rip people off so I am going to ask the question ” How do I create a good video for my website?” on my Wealthy Affiliate platform and I will post a link here, so everyone can see the answers from my community.


I would also love some suggestions from everyone outside of Wealthy Affiliate.

I know for sure that  here at Wealthy Affiliate I won’t get ripped-off. you can see my question here.

Please fell free to comment below,



2 thoughts on “Hi folks, I am back and I have an Idea”

  1. Great post ,as far as I’m concerned WA is the way to go .I love what they have to offer,I’m new there so I’m just learning what to do everyone there is so helpful

    1. Hi Kevin, I hope you enjoy WA as much as I have. I have learned so much and have so much more to learn. I am very excited to see where this will lead, Thanks for your comments and I wish you much success.

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