I had No Idea, So many website builders!

Can You Relate To My Turmoil?

Hi all, I have been doing some research and have found that there are a lot of free places to build a website.

I am however, partial to Wealthy Affiliate as I have tried a few of these free website builders only to get stuck very quickly.

Although some will build it for you, I still got stuck, I guess it might just have been too much information or the ever popular TMI.

After I published these template websites in an effort to build a business online I started getting a ton of emails that I had no Idea what they were trying to sell me, things such as last chance to register your domain, and I didn’t even know what a domain was at the time.

Hey does anybody out there relate?

Please tell me I am not the only one in the world who did not know what a domain was.

confused-by-success-strategiesThis is totally how I felt and after trying and trying and trying again I gave up and hoped that someone might still buy what I was trying to post on my website, which of course never happened.

I started getting tons of emails from web developers they said that someone would straighten out my website for me and you know what these  people were selling was not cheap let alone free, so be careful when you see ‘build a website for free”, I have learned my lesson and I am passing it on to you so you don’t have to get “confused” like I did.

There are a lot of sites that can build it for you but Wealthy Affiliate can teach you how, step by step and they can teach you a whole lot more.

Building A website should be fun not confusing, and you can start right now by going to my page MANY AVENUES TO BUILD right here.

All the bells and whistles that come with it are well worth your time.

Please leave comments below and go to my profile to see how my journey is progressing here


Hope You Enjoy!


6 thoughts on “I had No Idea, So many website builders!”

  1. Thanks for sharing Wanda

    My personal experience is the limitation that comes with free websites.

    You are stuck with certain templates and can’t upload premium templates.

    You are also limited to plugins, which is a big problem.

    Even WordPressdotcom has it’s limitations and I don’t even recommend any one to use it.

    What do you recommend?

    What route did you take to build a website that will last?

    Let me know please Wanda.

    Looking forward to here from you.

    1. Hi Jaco, Thank you for responding to my page.
      It sounds like you have more experience than I do when it come to building website, I am just now learning and I am learning with in Wealthy Affiliate.
      I have advance to their premium program and there is tons of training an support.
      It is a Word Press website but with Wealthy Affiliate, I don’t see any limitations, maybe it is because I am not experienced enough but to me , because like I said I am a novice or maybe it is because I am a premium member, only time will tell.
      The premium membership does cost 49.00 a month and I feel that I have already gotten my monies worth. Thanks again for your positive feedback, I do wish you the best of luck on your search for a website builder, I do however recommend the premium plan at Wealthy Affiliate. you can go there through my links. Thanks Again,

  2. I know exactly what you mean! With so many website builders and blogging platforms, it’s very difficult to make the right decision.

    LOL!… I too didn’t know what a domain was when I started out with internet marketing. I guess we all learn as we go along. 😛

    Thanks for the SiteRubix recommendation, and I’ll certainly use this builder for my next blog site.


    1. Hi Neil, I am so glad that my post was helpful and I appreciate the positive feedback.

      You are so right as to the fact that we learn as we go as if we were capable of taking in it all in at one time we would be robots, now don’t get me wrong I think robots are really cool but I do so like the humanity aspects of humanity as if we were all robots I believe it would be a very boring world.

      Thanks again and best of luck to you.


  3. Well I thought the free Tumblr system was pretty fun to use but all the other options really got me scratching my head – why is so much jargon involved?
    I had a quick look at your link and the websites on offer there seem like a good deal….well at least they’re free!
    Did you make this website there?

    1. I did make this website at Wealthy Affiliate and it is a work in progress,. Thanks for your feedback they are amazing and will teach you how to do all that you would need to build an online business, It does take work and determination but the knowledge is priceless. Thanks for your feedback and good luck to you in whatever path you choose.


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