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Want To Sell Your Stuff Online?

From books to music to digital products, there are so many things one can sell online free and so many ways to do it, for example Shopify offers an ecommerce platform where you can setup a store and sell new or used, they offer a free trial for 14 days and then they offer Shopify Plus.

They boast that they are trusted by  over 300,000 businesses, they boast zero IT & maintenance cost, level 1 PCL compliance, and a 99.99 percent uptime scalable enterprise ecommerce platform, plus they say that Shopify Plus is a better solution for securing your store.

Shopify will help you find opportunities for 10 times growth for your business.

Now all of this sounds real good only according to some reviews shopify is not so good at least not when it comes to their exchange, refund and cancelation policies as they get 1 star from one unsatisfied customer, the same in billing practices, but 4 stars in value for the money, 3 in reliability and 4 in price.

One customer review does not paint the whole picture, but wouldn’t you like to create a website and/or become an affiliate marketer where you would be able to skip the customer service reviews?

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Another way to sell online is Webstore which boasts 175,000 members and their landing pages says you get to keep all of the money, they boast no insertion fees, and  no final value fees.

WOW that’s great I’m just not sure what theses fees would be for in the first place but I am happy to hear that their aren’t any, as when you create a website and market through Affiliate Programs you sign up for what ever program you like and choose which products that you like and it is gaged by a percentage of the sale so you have no fees anyway.

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I’d say I need to do more research on fees but I need not worry because with the Wealthy Affiliate program they teach me how to sell online free and here is how. the have a platform that will show you how to build a Word Press website, build content, achieve search engine optimization, and find and implement Affiliate Programs plus so much more, with classroom and community interaction you simply cannot go wrong so if you are ready to begin building your online business for free go on over to my build an online business page and see what all there is to learn and achieve, here.

What Happens at Wealthy Affiliate?

When You first arrive at Wealthy Affiliate you will take just a  to minutes to register and this is free BTW, then you can begin by reading their stories of success or you can jump right in and begin their 10 lesson Online Entrepreneur Certification course where you can start creating a website which Kyle will walk you through one step at a time at the siterubix platform. A few clicks and you have your very own online website.

In the 10 lesson course that is part of the Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneur Certification, you will begin to realize your potential for being successful as an online business owner. It will walk your through the steps of creating a successful online business that generates revenue.

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This 10 lesson certification course is part of the free package at Wealthy Affiliate and you can either stop there or you can upgrade to their premium program which gets you so much more.

So jump on in and check it out you will truly be amazed what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer.

I would really appreciate any feedback so please leave you comments below.

I will be posting more information soon on how to and how not to sell online free, so check back often.

Your Dream Future is ahead…


4 thoughts on “Learn How To Sell Online Free”

  1. Hi there! I just finished reading your article about selling online and thought I would just drop you a few lines to say thanks.

    I always wanted to sell online but there always seemed to be something wrong with the systems that I looked at. I didn’t want to sell physical items, so was really pleased to find the training at Wealthy Affiliate.

    The training course that teaches you the potential of earning online is absolutely amazing. I would highly recommend anyone reading this to give it a try!

    1. Hi Andrew I am happy to know that my post was of a benefit to you, and you are correct in your summary of Wealthy Affiliate, I do believe that they have all of the training that one could want and I am just in the early stages here. Thank You for you kind words and I wish you much success in all of your endeavors.


  2. Hi Wanda, I am glad to see someone write about selling online. So many people want to have an online business, but don’t want to sell. Go figure. Our economy is based on providing goods and services. As you pointed out, selling is something to be learned. The more you learn, the better you will be at doing it. It is good to see a program like Wealthy Affiliate that offers a basic training course for free. It gives new members the opportunity to actually try it out and build their own websites. They can decide later to commit to premium membership later.

    1. Hi Glen and thank you for your positive feedback, it is all a learning process and I sometimes feel like as soon as we learn it, it changes but I do so enjoy the process. Thanks again and best of luck to you in what ever you pursue.


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