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Everyone Wants to Rank

In researching how to rank on the major search engines or SEO (Search Engine Optimization), I have found several things and I am going to share some.

When we decide to try to build a website, and online business, a unique-online-businessbrand or whatever, we want to be able to get these things seen, I mean what is the sense in building a website for a unique online business if no one sees it right?


Wealthy Affiliate will give you 2 free websites through siterubix and teach you how to reach your ultimate SEO.

We are beginning to see so many free website building offers out there that it is becoming dizzying, then we start getting the follow-up emails on how to rank them.

The thing is that what will get you ranked today wont get your online business on page number 1 tomorrow, so how do you build a website or landing page that will benefit your  unique online business?

Somethings to Consider, that haven’t changed.

Here are somethings that will benefit your online business…

Keywords, as far as I know are still important when it comes to SEO.

If keywords are used correctly and in the right places they can help to optimize a website for the major search engines, according to one source, google claims to take into account over 200 different things  when determining how our website is going to rank on their pages and keywords are an important part of it.

Here at Wealthy Affiliate we are taught how to build a website in 30 seconds or less, then we are taught all the things that will help us get ranked on the major search engines, things like where and how to find keywords and how to use them.

We are taught that the over use of these keywords will be harmful to our website when related to rankings by these major websites as well.bad-business-words

We are taught  about how to find out what the competition of said keywords are and that high traffic and high competition  is not always the way to go when choosing keywords.

We are taught about the low hanging fruit as it relates to keywords and when and where to use these low hanging fruit keywords.


This is just the beginning of what can help in ranking a website and we can learn it all starting right here, just click on the box below to get started.

Our journey into building a business is an amazing and wonderful thing not only for financial gain but all the knowledge that makes us amazing people and here is where I can share this journey with everyone.

I would love to have any insight that you might feel would add to our journey so please leave your comments and/or concerns.

Our Journey Continues… 



2 thoughts on “Rank to Build an online business”

  1. There is much to learn when it comes to building an online business. SEO in itself is already a super vast topic and can be extremely overwhelming. Having a properly streamlined training would definitely help in this sense.

    Ranking on the first page of the search engine results is everything. No ranking means no organic traffic. And no traffic means no conversions. So you gotta chase those ranks and keep improving.

  2. Hi Andrew you are oh so right and I am just beginning to see the vast and ever changing possibilities, I will be sharing them as I learn them though and I will be learning as much as I possibly can.
    Wealthy Affiliate is a good place to begin if not to continue and finish, as they stay up with changing times.
    Thank You kindly for your insight and for the time you took to review my site.
    Best of Luck to you and please feel free to add all you like.

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